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Weddings and Showers

Occasionally I get the privilege of decorating for someone’s special day.  It is exciting to watch the Bride and Groom light up as we talk about what they want their wedding to look like.  I especially love decorating weddings when a couple has picked a great theme!  Here are a few favorite projects:

Come Fly With Me – The Finetti Wedding

The Bride and Groom have traveled the globe from Italy and Greece to Israel and Great Britain.  They wanted their travels and memories to be a central theme for their San Francisco wedding.  The Verdi Club provided the perfect venue for this travel themed wedding.


The Bradford Affair

Summer weddings are tough in Southern California.  The problem?  Everything melts.  The candles, the flowers, the makeup, the mother-in-law… everything.  So when decorating for this Summer Garden wedding, the main challenge was to keep everything looking fresh throughout the afternoon and into the reception.  The solution for the flowers turned out to be the art of mixing real and silk plants together.  The result looked fresh, bright and elegant!


Sarah Getting Married – Bridal Shower

Sarah is anything but a “Bridezilla.”  She is laid back, quirky and loves vintage things.  Her wedding color was a dusty pink rose.  I had a great time doing a little decorating for her wedding shower with these vintage inspired, reused and repurposed bottles and glassware.


Seasonal Decorations

I love decorating for the seasons!  To me, flowers and nature are what bring the season life and breath.  I find a lot of joy in creating pieces for each one.  Here are a few I’ve created over the years:

Spring Wreaths


Christmas in California


Special Events

It’s always fun to decorate for special events, because every one is different and presents new challenges!  It’s a great opportunity to sharpen my skills and learn new ones.  Holidays are a great time for events and trying new things.  Check out these fun projects I got to work on:

Holiday Fashion Jewelry Show at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA


Company Holiday Party 

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